Monday, 1 July 2013

Who am I

I have joined a blog challenge set by PVB.
Today the subject is 'Who am I' I started to write the opening to this blog in my head when I saw it on the Little White Cottages Facebook page, then I read her blog and we'd had a similar idea. 

Of course there will be those of you that are a similar age to me who instantly started repeating 'who am I, who am I' (who are you in the film!)

Luckily I didn't have a biro to clip on my lip and push up my nose like Brian from The Breakfast Club. 

So Who am I...

I'm Lindsey, as a toddler I was the one with wild blonde hair that liked dancing and singing in front of the tv, wanted a little sister called Polly, got a brother, called him Polly any way (sorry Dan)
I'm the girl who didn't mind going to school, who liked school uniform, who loved to make a revision timetable but didn't do the revision, who loved art, loved a gossip and a laugh, didn't have loads of friends but lots of people remember me. 
I'm the one who's done a bit of this and a bit of that, I wanted to be a fashion designer or a teacher when I was at school, I'm now a teaching assistant.
I've worked in bars, restaurants, shops and abroad. 
At 17 I was working as a waitress (not in a cocktail bar) when I met Paul,
In 96 I moved to London and worked at Selfridges, in 97 I came back. 
In 99 we went to Corfu for the summer. I came back.
I like my home, my space. 
In 2000 I started university aged 26, a fine art degree at last! But more portent events meant I didn't complete it.

In 2001 we got Martha our westie. 
In 2002 we had Tommy, a beautiful boy who kept me waiting and came out like super man. 
In 2004 we got married on a gorgeous summer day. 
In 2006 we had Jack, another bouncy boy,he arrived through the sunroof!

The last four dates are the most important to me, as a child I'd always wanted a westie and two boys ( and ironically to marry a boy called Paul lol)

Who am I ... I'm lucky. 

Who am I ... I'm Lindsey.

I'm a mum, a wife, a dog owner, a vegetarian, a Birmingham City fan, a homemaker, a cook, a cleaner, a story teller, a listener, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a cuddler, a soccer mum, a blogger, a lover and a fighter, a finder of lost objects...

Many things to many people. 

But when I'm on my own I'm the girl with the (not so wild - not so blonde) hair dancing in front of the tv, round the kitchen, in the car, the super market...