Saturday, 12 April 2014

London Marathon Tomorrow!

(Taken from my Facebook post)

On Sunday my other half is running the London marathon for the National Eczema Society. 
I thought I'd let you know why. 
Have you ever sat at your desk at school and had the backs of your legs bleed because the horrible old wooden school chairs made you scratch or sat rubbing your fingers together because the chalk from the board made your skin so dry and your teachers would tell you off for scratching, have your friends not wanted to hold your hand in case they caught 'it'
Had your teachers tell you don't scratch, put your cream on then sat on your hands because the cream made them burn. 
Had your heart race because a boy wants to hold your hand but your scared he'll flinch when he does. Taken your clothes off with a shower of dry skin. 
Lay awake at night scratching and scratching and scratching. 
Then watched your own children do the same. Stitched scratch mats to their babygrows then had to peel them out of sticky blood stained pjs. 
Sedated them at night so they can get some peace and rest. Change their milk so many times you're on first name terms with all the health professionals!  Watched them rake at their skin wishing they'd stop but knowing the relief it's giving them. 
I haven't grown out of my eczema and it can flare up at any point. The wooden chairs and chalk boards have been replaced with other obstacles. 
Luckily my boys have but I didn't think they would. I see many adults and children having a sneaky itch and scratch at school I'd like them to know it's ok and there are people out there that understand and care. 
Please share. 

Text MEPK54 to 70070 and donate £amount or online at