Thursday, 29 November 2012

How old do you think I am?

We play a game in the car with the digital clock on the dash, at 20:02 Tommy is born and at 20:06 Jack is born it passes 4 minutes of a journey!
We'd gone to pick Paul up from work a couple of nights ago and were sat in the car waiting, Jack glanced at the clock and said ' ooh it's 18:38 mum' and glanced excitedly at me 'yes Jack 18:38' I replied 'you know mum 18:38 ... When we're you born?' slightly aghast I replied 'not 1838 Jack ...19 for god sake 1974, how old do you think I am' unaffected by my answer or shock he innocently enquired ' well how about Dad?'

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Living in the future.

When you get to a certain age you start to think about your parents getting old.
You worry that someone will knock on the door claiming to be a passing builder who has noticed a missing roof tile and whisk you poor unsuspecting mother off to the cashpoint and make of with her life savings.
Well this is 2012 and many of our
parents have pcs, laptops, iPads and kindles etc etc and unfortunately will fall prey to the lovely(!) phone call from Microsoft claiming to fix their firewall and stop their email from being hacked.
I think we need to educate our 'rents the way they did us with a bit of stranger danger, if you didn't ask for the call then tell to politely do one.