Wednesday, 30 December 2009

offically a working mum!

Well where to start!

Such a long gap between blogs I'm so sorry...but I have probably had the busiest year of my life so far!

My temporary work contract turns into a permanent one in January so I can relax a little bit and enjoy making the job my own I will have a bit of playground duty next term so Paul bought me a new water/wind/childproof coat today didn't want to take it off, very cosy and was very tempted to put it back on this evening god its cold!

The under 7s season has gone great so far a few petty bits here and there but to be expected I'm told! We are the only one of three teams in our club with money in the bank, a registered coach and regular training. Tommy is still our top scorer even though hes been in goal a lot and hip hip hooray we actually won a match recently made all the much sweeter as the 'manager' offered to take Paul out on the car park! Paul reminded him he was a member of the FA and watched him shrink away!
Yes i would say that was Paul's high light of the year he is now a FA (level1 - so far) coach and loved every second of it - he was like a kid at Christmas...already set his sights on level 2 and beyond!

Jack gets cheekier day by day and lived up to his name this Christmas with a tin of biscuits from Nanna.
Christmas also meant bikes , why do I have children who can only pedal backwards. I'm beginning to think there is a gap in the market for parenting books...the stuff you need to know once they're out of nappies and in school... how to to teach stuff like shoe lace tying, time telling, swimming, bike riding, falling out with friends,losing (in general - bad losers my lot) and general bribes and lies for an easy life..oh and why you can't swear.

Jack will be 4 in April and we had been telling him his birthday was after Christmas so what did he say boxing day morning....'is it my birthday now!'

Tommy has managed a whole Premier season so far and loves it more and more each game ...getting a bit jealous I mean who wouldn't enjoy being a Birmingham City fan at the moment?.....when I had a season ticket.....well we were crap! Hopefully Jack and me will be there next season...Europe?

Must'nt forget my little bro becoming a dad for the first time they had Ruby on Monday 14th December...they moved house Friday 11th December, crazy times for him but Ruby is gorgeous and mum and baby are doing great.

What about Martha?
I think she has enjoyed the peace and quiet when we are all out, she has a friend staying the night tomorrow! (we are dog sitting on news years eve!) so I'm sure she will sit up all night starring at him!
She has had a relatively calm time since her rabbit hunting on Shell Island, shes had her annual jitters around Bonfire night which cruel though it is can be very funny, its normally difficult to get her in at night but mid October to mid November we can let her out for a wee, someone up the road will let off a banger and whoosh shes in!
Oh yes its New Years tomorrow more fireworks!!!

Happy New Year All

Tommy and Jack made it to youtube!!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

We are half way through our summer holiday and all enjoying it, I finally got a job so I am not only enjoying the holidays but looking forward to starting work in September, its going to be a bit of a shock to the system! I'll keep you informed!

We had a few days away camping last week,the boys and the dog loved it, Martha managed to get lost looking for rabbits, wouldn't even come out for a babybel! turned up soaking wet and a bit crazy (we presume she had been on the trail of rabbits could've been on the trail of sausages and got a bucket of water chucked over her!)

Mini football (under 7's) starts in September and Paul has volunteered to be Manager, I am secretary lots of paper work and petty bureaucracy but , well, I'm enjoying it! Searching for a reasonably priced kit at the moment and trying to raise funds, but its all fun.

The new season started on Saturday and Blues played Man U, we didn't look to bad, Paul and Tommy have season tickets again, in the family stand this season so hopefully Tommy will go a bit more this time.

We all went to a friendly and Jack loved it, he is a bit upset that he wont be going with Daddy and bro but I think 3 is too young. He's a fantastic footballer already though so may be fighting for the footyboy crown, not sure biscuitboy is going to stick but cant think of anything else!

Jack seemed so little today, he got stung by a wasp, I was in the kitchen and I heard him gasp then silence, then lots of crying, he couldn't tell me what had happened just that he wanted to go to bed, I checked his hand and managed to work it all out and took him down to the doctors (he'd had a allergic reaction two years ago so was being cautious) she gave him some antihistamine, he spent the rest of the evening doing everything one handed.

As for the dog, she is in desperate need of a haircut, not even sure she can see through her fringe.
September is going to be a shock for her too!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Long time no blog

will be back soon with tales of mini football, camping and general holiday exploits!
And maybe a few photos
see you soon

Thursday, 23 April 2009

dog training and bubble blowing!

Bought a tub of bubble mixture from Sainsburys today which Jack really enjoyed and dog bit a few,made me a bit dizzy and cross eyed!!!
Big dog 2 doors away was having a good deep bark so I have been trying to get Martha(dog) to stay calm whilst big dog barks seemed to be getting some where just, had her sitting on the grass whislt he had a go! Calm assertive as the dog whisperer would say...all going great until...splash splash splash whole tub of bubble mixture poured on patio, calm assertive gone, crazy mum back.

Friday, 17 April 2009

surviving jitterbugs

Our 6 yr old went to The FA youth cup last night at St Andrews and came home a changed 'man' He has had a season ticket this season and only used it a handful of times so it was lovely to hear him say that a) he wanted to go and b) he had had a good time. His main concern is the noise and cheering when we score...does he not realise that this is Birmingham City we are talking about well known for being an intimidating club(apparently) and we dont score that much!!!!!
Well my 'new' son waltz into jitterbugs this afternoon, ran off and joined in...amazing a transformation!!
Mean while my 3 yr old usually confident and fun loving child, clung onto me and refused to talk to anyone, only opening his mouth to shovel in large quanties of cake.
He was back to his normal self when he got home and 6 yr old taught him to take his top off and exchange shirts in the garden at the end of a match.
As for the dog well she is transformmed too I have only had to 'remove' her from the TV once today (Dr Junos dog on Me Too must have looked at her!!) and she was golden when she went out.
Strange goings on in this house!!!! Voodoo me thinks!!!