Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hello Cheshire!

Hello remember me!

Well quite a lot has happened since I last wrote.

At the end of May we moved up the M6 from Birmingham to Cheshire to live here in Northwich.

We timed the move to coincide with the Whitsun holiday and the end of Sat's for Tommy.
Moving day arrived and so did the rain, walking up and down a wet lorry ramp is not fun, we resembled penguins carrying their young!
It was so wet that the washing machine went up and down the motorway twice as nobody fancied taking it off the truck and ending up underneath it!
Having said that it was a successful move and we unpacked and settled in really well,

we had a 'week off' to acclimatise, find our feet, the shops, the park etc and then the boys started their new schools.

All smiles.
They really were thrown in at the deep end, Jack had a week at school then three days in Llandudno! Although heart wrenching as he'd never been away from home before it was probably the best thing he could've done and wow I will never forget the hug I had when he got home.
We had a week of 'normality' before Tommy was off to London for three days! I was contemplating fitting a revolving door.
They have fully embraced all the activities 'thrown' at them and have truly benefited from all.

star of the week

off to LLandudno
and London

bike it

world cup festival
world cup festival

artisan market

sports week

loom bands

school fete
school fete

selfies by the sea

Old Trafford

Soccer Aid

Furey Wood

writer of the week

Jack took us to Llandudno

Great Orm

Great Orm fossils
lots of walks

school play

end of school!

Tommys Last day at Juniors

New Brighton

National Football Museum

Old friends visiting
new teams

family visits

Its been a busy few months I even managed to squeeze in a 40th birthday and in two weeks time Tommy starts high school...
*reaches for paper bag and breathes in and out slowly*

Saturday, 12 April 2014

London Marathon Tomorrow!

(Taken from my Facebook post)

On Sunday my other half is running the London marathon for the National Eczema Society. 
I thought I'd let you know why. 
Have you ever sat at your desk at school and had the backs of your legs bleed because the horrible old wooden school chairs made you scratch or sat rubbing your fingers together because the chalk from the board made your skin so dry and your teachers would tell you off for scratching, have your friends not wanted to hold your hand in case they caught 'it'
Had your teachers tell you don't scratch, put your cream on then sat on your hands because the cream made them burn. 
Had your heart race because a boy wants to hold your hand but your scared he'll flinch when he does. Taken your clothes off with a shower of dry skin. 
Lay awake at night scratching and scratching and scratching. 
Then watched your own children do the same. Stitched scratch mats to their babygrows then had to peel them out of sticky blood stained pjs. 
Sedated them at night so they can get some peace and rest. Change their milk so many times you're on first name terms with all the health professionals!  Watched them rake at their skin wishing they'd stop but knowing the relief it's giving them. 
I haven't grown out of my eczema and it can flare up at any point. The wooden chairs and chalk boards have been replaced with other obstacles. 
Luckily my boys have but I didn't think they would. I see many adults and children having a sneaky itch and scratch at school I'd like them to know it's ok and there are people out there that understand and care. 
Please share. 

Text MEPK54 to 70070 and donate £amount or online at www.justgiving.com/Paul-Kelsall1