Saturday, 15 December 2012

Winter warmer!

I'm sat in the car watching my husband, my two boys and about 4 dads and 15 kid,s maybe more ( they move too fast to count) playing football.
(Paul runs a mini soccer team and trains local kids for free every saturday morning "no fee, kids train free" )
They are all having a fantastic time, laughing and cheering, they've all got pink cheeks and huge smiles. After a cold and icy week it's just what my two have needed, cooped up in school unable to play out because the playground is too icy and someone might fall over!!!

There isn't a coat between them and about four of them are wearing shorts, I can't speak for the others but my eldest hasn't had a day off for two years.
A mum at school asked me in the week why the playground had been out of action and said she'd stayed in school until 4 whilst her two boys had ran around ( a then defrosted ) playground, she commented that we need to teach kids how to be safe and walk on slippy paths and that boys need a release and I totally agree with her.
(In complete contrast to this, we had to walk four classes back from the church yesterday in the freezing rain wearing Christmas costumes!!??)

I've thought for a long time that we wrap them in to much cotton wool, how about you?