Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 4 something your good at.

What is it? 
Tell us how you go about doing it. 
Why are you good at it?

Oh my another toughy. 

What is it?

Quick and Easy Teatimes. 

Pasta and salad always a winner with everyone. 

How do I do it? 

Put food on plate. Yell TEATIME. 

Why am I good at it? 

When I was a new mum I went through turmoil thinking that I had to present nutritious and healthy meals every day. Whilst nurturing their minds and teaching them to swim, learn a foreign language, limit their tv viewing, read a bedtime story every night, enrol in baby yoga, breast feed,use cloth nappies and bags for life. 
I soon learnt that we can't all be domestic goddesses or earth mothers. I live in a suburb of Birmingham, I'm not pushing a bugaboo down the Kings Road to a play date with Jocasta and and baby Indira. 
These women must have pizza and chips in front of the tv and sprint round Asda in their slippers surely.  

Have to admit I'm quite lucky as they do eat well, Tommy could live on tomatoes but on the other hand Jack could easily survive on biscuits. 
We're all vegetarian so the majority of what we eat is healthy and thought out but I'm not going to be deluded and make Quinoa stew with squash, prunes & pomegranate and then wonder why they've not touched it. 

 I'm not prefect, I have somedays when I've made something new or 'experimented' and I'm met with sullen glares and folded arms (and that's just Paul) 

Stick the toast on, open a tin of beans! Balance restored :)