Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A typical day.

A typical day, honestly, really I can't lie and say it starts with a family breakfast where we discuss current affairs, ok.

A typical week day starts, thankfully, with Paul bringing me a cup of coffee, he does this 99% of the time but the days he doesn't are the days I could punch him in the head so thankfully it's most days. 

Paul's up first which is good, I get up when I hear the woman next door go to work, it's a bad system to rely on as it can back fire if she's ill or has a day off. 

Most days are the same, Paul opens the kids curtains, they groan, I get in the shower, Jack comes in uses the loo, promises not to flush. 
Tommy is usually downstairs lounging on the setee eating his cereal like he's got all the time in the world. 

I then have to find one, two or all of their clothes! Get my self dressed and dry my hair, I hate drying my hair and never put much effort into it. I then go down stairs and make the sandwiches, hunt for school bags and shoes and moan at the kids to eat up, get dressed, clean their teeth, move faster. . .I get the dog in if she's outside barking, tidy round  (load dishwasher on a good day!) And try to leave the house tidy as it will annoy me all day if I know we've left it a mess. 

Most days we have the car but some days we rush I mean walk to school, I work at the same school so that makes life a little easier. As I said in the previous blog I'm a teaching assistant, I work in early years, which is great fun. 

So 8.45 - 12 or 3.15 (yeah as if!) depending on the day consist of all kinds of fun! 
Noise, snot, tears, stories, paint, play doh, toast, milk, maths, reading, writing listening, talking, laughing, walking not running, more coffee, letters, sounds, the bell. On my afternoons off I catch up on cleaning, shopping or Mad Men. 

Then its Home time. 

The complete opposite of the morning, a leisurely stroll home (or short drive) chatting about their day. 

Through the door and a half-hearted welcome these days from Martha, a cup of coffee, chat to the boys, snack and a drink, tv, ipods or garden for them, tidy round, unload dishwasher and washing machine and think about tea whilst checking Facebook for me. 

5 pm Martha's tea time heaven forbid you forget!!

We always sit together for tea and Paul's usually home before or during. 

I like to tidy the kitchen after tea and I like to think this always happens. 

A typical summers day means the kids are back outside playing football or if its really cold and wet we're all in watching tv together (I'm talking sub zero and torrential rain as they'll be out all weathers) , one of us will take the dog out and lately I've been going for a jog but this hasn't become regular enough to be typical yet! 

Then the moan we had about getting them out of bed turns into the moan about getting them into bed. I'm usually competing with a football match and I usually lose. 

Once we've gone through the never ending bedtime ritual (that's a blog in itself) I usually hit the sack myself all my plans of doing the sandwiches or ironing or reading the books that are gathering dust by my bed fly out the window and I sit in bed watching tv with Martha snuggled between us (or growling underneath it) 

As you can see we're pretty relaxed, no after school clubs or scouts, beavers or boys brigade. We have gymnastics on a Thursday and our weekends are filled with football, training Saturdays, matches Sundays, I wouldn't have it any other way.

*         *        *

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