Monday, 9 July 2012

Ramblings of a mad woman or why I like Scandinavian Crime Drama

(Your lucky I didn't write this at midnight last night when I originally thought about it...)

My theory on why I (we) like Scandinavian crime drama.


Why I want a Volvo, padded jacket and a wooly jumper and listen to A-Ha.

 I had this poster, it had a crease through Pål's face so Smash Hits sent me a new one.

Firstly I reckon we need to have a quick look to our past, our invaders, we can forget the Europeans, Italians or Romans I think history likes to call them as I believe they probably kept themselves to themselves, invaded and then returned leaving behind a few broken pots, straight roads and sanitation.

lights on in search of straight roads and sanitation.

Ah, but let's look east (or is it west, no hang on west is Wales) to Scandinavia and think Vikings, you know the hairy guys, I reckon they invaded, stayed and did a bit of genetic knitting... or 'raping and pillaging' as the history books like to call it.

Have I mentioned my mum is a Lund...

Well that's my theory on why we - I love Scandinavia drama it's in our blood like a child likes to hear stories from their grandparents ...
Why I secretly believe if I watch enough of The Bridge or Borgen I might actually be able to speak Danish or is it Swedish, no its Danish were they speaking both?? and why Seb Larsson was really waving to me at every home game.

 *waves back like a mad thing embarrassing children and husband*

Well these were my mad thoughts last night when I got into bed after watching Wallander and why I was wondering why I had a strange affinity with wind swept ferries and cold baron landscapes... ooh and stylish architecture ... damn I think I've missed the Ikea sale... Oh and did you ever see those Norwegian farmers on that programme ... my god they were gorgeous this why I like Lego...and Hans Christian Andersen...don't start me on Dancing Queen...Do you remember that 80s programme called Annika...Even though I'm vegetarian I loved the way Peter Schmeichel said 'theres no better bacon'...I did a project on Denmark when I was 8...H&M where's that from...did mice really make the Norwegian coastline!

 any way godnat.