Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Bridge

Just caught up with The Bridge showing on BBC Four Saturday 9pm and 10 pm.

I've watched up to episode 4 and am trying to get my OH to watch it with me, so far no luck so I'm going to use this blog instead OK, imagine you're next to me on the settee, I'm a bit scatty and cant always remember peoples names so bear with me, although with a bit of cut and paste it shouldn't be too random.

Thoughts so far...(I like it ...obviously!) 

At first I didn't like her and thought oh no I won't be able to get into it, I thought she was badly written or acted...oh how stupid  I feel now she's obviously very well written and acted, I even like the bizarre way she sits with her legs far too wide apart!!

Not too sure on the leather trousers, although they suit her, but I do love the coat shes wearing.

I liked him from the start, but then we're supposed to aren't we, I mean we share his thoughts with him eg this woman is a bit cuckoo!
He's obviously a bit smooth with the ladies (isn't he?) I like the way he flirted with the receptionist with his breakfast roll, I like the way he collapses into bed and the way he answers his phone and I know I'm not alone in liking the dynamic between him and Saga, he's growing on her.

It was kind of obvious she'd be in the story later on, but that wig, whats that about?

Have to admit that this bit of the story has lost me but I'm guessing that it might slot in somewhere.

Stefan Lindberg (or Dave Coaches)

I can't work him out, for a minute I though it was a flash back to the 70s, again I'm guessing his character will be explained more.

I don't really get this bit I think I missed what was going on, she was the shop lifter at the beginning right? But hello? Are you stupid get out of his flat! I'm thinking that maybe she's another group of people that TT could be going on about?! Prostitutes, homeless people, stupid teenagers

Now he's my biggest question mark is he a red herring or is there more to find out about?
  *   *   *

I got a bit  lost with the other bit of the story with regards the Danish police being charged with neglect and where it fits in...

Oh and one last thought, when  Martin is in the warehouse with the TT he kicks him in the balls, does he have a bit of inside info on him, and I haven't even mentioned Saga's one night stand, her fabulous Porsche, Gorens daughters jumper dress or Daniel the journo and how I couldn't breathe when he was sat in the car with the bomb...brilliant!

Thanks for listening or should I say Tak.