Monday, 23 July 2012


My husband said to me that he thought we'd have more art on the walls living with an artistic person.

The thing is I'm too fickle or is it indecisive I'm not sure... well it's not either really as by definition I'm not a fickle person  (I've just looked it up)
Changing frequently, esp. as regards one's loyalties, interests, or affection.

I'm fiercely loyal in my interests and affections.

But then I am changeable when it comes to, how can we put it...adornments. So there's the changeable bit I suppose.

When I was a child mum would get me dresses and look round ten minutes later and I'd be wearing something else, I'd also rearrange my bedroom in the middle of the night. (in fact I've just rearranged the living room!)

Which is why I could never have a tattoo I mean I'd change my mind within a week and find that it didn't go with something I was wearing.

If I did have one it would be a choice of two

1. Stars, I like them, you know nice 5 pointed ones like on the champions league ball 

2. the Birmingham City badge in fact if Blues ever got to the champions league maybe I could combine the two.

Eee I'm classy me...this is never going to happen.

Reading back through this (yes I know you're amazed I do and still miss the typos) I realised that this is probably why I've never had a proper grown up handbag.
You know a nice big expensive leather one that sits nicely on your shoulder, unlike my various canvas ones I sling across my body and then sling into the cupboard under the stairs at the end of the day.
A friend was recently bought a posh one by her boyfriend it came with a bag to keep it in!


Which leads me back round to art, we have some pieces on the wall the usually Ikea print and some black and white prints of the kids on holidays and some of my favourite postcards and at the top of the stairs we have a large print bought for us as a wedding present, I really like it and it was bought by a good friend who I know would've thought about what he was buying but I couldn't imagine myself standing their buying it I would've gone through turmoil imagining it in different rooms and positions and what it would go with and did it go with my mood!  Which in the grand scheme of things is pretty stupid as we've since moved house and it fits in very nicely.