Sunday, 4 July 2010

Monkey and LaLa

My two boys have cuddlies, lots of them.

(strange choice of location ...I know!)

Jack has monkey, who is a lovely soft monkey we bought from Sainsburys before he was born.

Jack and monkey

Tommy has LaLa who was once a lovely yellow teletubbie.

not so cute anymore!

LaLa is actually a replacement cuddlie as Tommy originally had War-fee (War rhymes with star, fee rhymes with me!) it was a soft, home made, blue starfish that my mum made for Tommy so he could ‘drape’ it over his face when he was little.

...on holiday in Zante

Warfee went everywhere with Tommy, he would cuddle him in bed, stick him under his num num so he was close to his nose,

push him under his sunglasses on holiday and shove him up his jumper at nursery.

...getting ready to move house

...bouncing on a friends trampoline.

...playing in the ball pool

...or just relaxing on the setee

He had warfee for three years until Jack was born.

Jack was born by c-section and Paul took Tommy on the bus to register Jack, Tommy loves buses so this was a treat for him, they caught the bus into Town went to the registry office, went to Sainsburys for a carton of juice and caught the bus home. When they got home Warfee was gone!
I rang the Registry office and tried to describe a homemade blue starshaped piece of cloth with an embroidered face on it, the lady was sympathetic but said she hadn’t seen it, I then rang Sainsburys, same answer. I then had the task of ringing the bus station I tried explaining it to the lost property man, I tried describing it as a childs comforter…’Computer?’ the man replied. So I tried describing it again …I think he thought I was mad! All I wanted to say was have you seen Warfee? All I wanted to do was jump out of bed and get on the bus and find him. My mum even went in and retraced their steps. Even now if I go down Broad Street I still look out for him.(Not sure who it affected most...hmmm!)

Warfee was swiftly replaced by Lala who has an annoying rattle in her tummy that would jangle as he walked along the landing, looking back I wish I’d guided him to something cuter…lol.

Lala has been a great comfort to Tommy and still turns up when he is feeling low or unsure of things, she went in his pocket when he had his first season ticket to watch Birmingham City, although she does now have a slightly scary appearance and has even been decorated like Darth Maul!!!and patched up a few times (Nanna to the rescue again.) she's still very much loved.

Darth LaLa

This why Jack has monkey

Jack and monkey...looking at monkeys

…and monkey 2 ...and why he had FOUR funny bunnies,( )
I was so sure that it wouldn’t happen again.
I mean you can describe a monkey, you can look for a monkey and hopefully you can find a monkey…you could even put up a poster for a missing monkey!

Monkey or Teetee as he was known for a short while isn’t so easily shoved into small places so hasn’t been on as many adventures as Warfee or Lala, although we did lose him once, only to be found a short time later hiding in the seat of Jacks push along car, this how Jack found out about monkey 2

(we once lost Lala for some weeks and found her squashed into the lower compartment of their Early learning centre Rocket.)

Every night when I go upstairs and peep in on them before I go to bed Jack has monkey in his arms and LaLa isn't too far from Tommys grasp (along with toastie, squashy, terry, tc, ted, trevor, blues bear,sooty, mummy lala.....)