Friday, 19 February 2010

mummy I look like a naan bread.

Half term been and nearly gone and Jack heeded my request and managed to hold out until the day before half term to catch chicken pox...bless him. He has been quite well with it and just complains every morning that the spots haven't gone yet.
We've had a relatively calm half term although it did start with me doing my very best deranged mother impersonation in Asda. I decided to take both boys with me and they just were not in the mood to follow me round in a calm and pleasant way after quietly screaming at them to get off the floor, stop hiding behind the pillars, stay where I can see you, get off that shelf.....Jack (covered in spots!) then decided to kick an empty cardboard tray up and down an aisle... I told him to stop...he gave it one last kick...went flying...landed with a big thump on the wheel of my trolley! Blood and tears everywhere thankfully it was just a nose bleed but when I picked him up I was sure he had done much worse. I struggled to open the loo roll and wipes in my trolley and cleaned him up (not a single person came to help me) I then said through gritted teeth to both of them 'Now do you see why I want you to behaive' and stomped through last few aisles grabbed a bag of peas and held them on his nose!
The rest of the week has been a breeze!
Tommy went to a Birmingham City Football camp on Monday, I was so proud of him, I don't think I could of walked into a dressing room full of strangers at his age and stayed the day without my mum. He gave it 9 out of 10 when he got home.
My brother who has a 2 month old baby has avoided us like the plague which I suppose when Tommy was little I would of done if someone had mentioned chicken pox. All I asked him to do was come and get his furniture from my garage which I said I'd look after whilst he moved house 3 months ago, he now has a house the same size as mine and a car bigger than mine so...I have a football teams worth of equipment and bikes and half my kitchen appliances to squeeze round I don't need his stuff too. (its still here!)
Had a lovely lunch time play date with a friend who has 3 girls the same ages as my boys (the chicken pox didn't frighten her!)and all the kids played nicely and enjoyed a crazy game of hide and seek, Tommy and his female equivalent were hid in the down stairs loo for along time!!
Jack said with amazement 'I didn't know they were gonna play with me' after they'd left and thinking back he's now got to that age where he'll play with people rather than along side, these milestone come and go with out you noticing second time around!
The outside world is covered in snow again so not sure if the weekends fixtures will go ahead, We're supposed to be playing a team that was cancelled during the Christmas snow how ironic!

Not sure Martha is liking all this white stuff she had a play in it yesterday and a roll on it and then ran lots of it in to the house, most days start with me mopping the floor (thankfully we have laminate!) and wiping the setee of snowy/muddy footprints ( and again thankfully leather)

Well need to get the boys into some warmer clothes Tommy has his blues kit on and Jack has his pjs o...OMG naked..time to go!