Friday, 27 January 2012


Ok I admit defeat, I can't take any more kids tv, I've had my fill of Sponge Bob and Harry Hill repeats, Tom and Jerry was ok for a while and The Pink Panther amusing, The Regular show was funny the first time, but Im gonna have to admit I miss Cbeebies in fact you know what I miss, people...real live human beings, ok they might be dressed up as trendy allotment owners or wacky kids entertainers but at least they're human.

We had a brief love affair with CBBC and laughed together at Hacker and Bear Behaving Badly (ok I was laughing the loudest) but since then its been cartoon channels everyday and you know what the most annoying thing is...yep...the adverts, and they are all aimed at me, and my kids are starring zombie like at the tv being sold car insurance, mis-sold payment protection plans, debt management and Marthas sponsorship.

I think Im gonna have to rearrange the house and find myself somewhere comfy to sit away from the tv...when The Amazing Adventures of Gumball has finished that is.