Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Birmingham City v Blackburn Rovers

Jack and Tommy

I love going to the Blues I always have, I loved going when we used to stand on the Kop, I really loved sitting on the Tilton, the singing and the banter was fantastic.I used to stand on the Kop in the early 90’s and then when the ground was rebuilt we had season tickets in the Tilton. My seven year olds first season was in the Tilton corner but he spent most of it with his fingers in his ears so we have relocated as a family to the family stand, it makes more sense, if only for the financial benefits.

I’ve learnt a lot about going to the Blues, little things your average male fan wouldn’t think of, what shoes to wear, what weight of coat to take and whether I will have anywhere to put it if I need to take it off, sunglasses and gloves can be worn on the same day, you can leave the house in a torrential rain storm and be putting on the factor 30 at half time.

Walking up to the ground today to watch the first home game of the season holding my 4 year olds hand was a lovely feeling following my husband and our 7 year old who was about to start his 3rd season up to the main stand I felt a slight pang, our first date had been at the Blues on Feb 8th in 1992 against West Bromwich Albion and here we were as a family strolling up to the ground.

Our 7 year old expertly lead the way and handed over his ticket and we all followed, Tommy paused to look out over the ground only to drop his ticket on to the roof of the paddock... luckily it was within reach.
From a personal point of view the first half was pretty uneventful, Jack needed the loo half way through and being about 6 people in I thought it might be a bit awkward but everyone stood up and we squeezed out and down to the ladies at the bottom of the stairs with out any trouble at all, no smelly loos, no lack of loo roll, no noisy hand dryer that automatically turns on when a small child brushes past it, no slightly worse for wear man to shout up the blues at us, and most of all no one scored whilst we were in there.

Jack sat on my lap for most of the first half and as there wasn’t anyone in the seat in front of mine we both had a decent view. I think Tommy enjoyed having his younger brother to impart his knowledge on and at half time they stood and looked over the edge. Jacks confidence grew during half time and in the second half he stood or sat in his own seat, clapped Fosters saves, any good chances and all the substitutions. We all clapped cheered jumped up and down and hugged each other when Gardner scored I even got to watch the replay on the big screen, something I didn’t think I would be able to do in the main stand.

I have to now admit that I think I might have thrown him in the air when we scored the second goal but he hasn’t mentioned it so I think its best that I don’t either.

It got a bit edgy towards the end of the game and slightly exciting for the kids when Robinson came up, I was convinced the ref was waiting for them to score before he finally blew his whistle.
Paul gave me a ‘Thank god we won and it was incident free’ smile at full time and we all agreed that it had been a good game and we couldn’t wait for the next.

Final Score Birmingham City 2 - 1 Blackburn Rovers